THOSTI International GmbH

Al-Khoms sleeper production plant

THOSTI personnel services:

In 2001-2002

  • Planning of entire works.
  • Coordination of entire purchasing.
  • Technical supervision during entire construction phase.
  • Suitability testing of raw materials.
  • Sleeper and concrete design.
  • Works commissioning.
  • Personnel training.

In 2008-2009

  • Recommissioning.
  • Sleeper and concrete design.
  • Approval tests.
  • Personnel training.
  • Production supervision. 


Project Al-Khoms sleeper factory
(turnkey project)
Country Libya
Client RAPCO
(Libyan Railways Organisation)
Year of construction 2001
Processing duration 12 months and
12 months
Area ~ 26.000 m²
Production Track sleepery type B70
Turnout sleepers - various types
Sleeper system THOSTI-BBRV (B70)
Long-line (turnouts)
Capacity 500.000 track sleepers
50.000 lin. m turnout sleepers /year
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